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Powerlifting, a Very Strong World Event, World Games 2013

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Viernes, Enero 13, 2012

Powerlifting, a Very Strong World Event

powerliftingThe Austrian Emanuel Scheiber, Secretary General and Technical Delegate of the International Powerlifting Federation, visited Cali Colombia for the second time to coordinate logistical and technical aspects for the test event to be held next year in Cali with a view to The World Games 2013.
Powerlifting, which originated in the USA and in UK in the 1950s, is a strength sport. The difference with weightlifting lies in the fact that powerlifting consists of 3 “odd lift” events: Squat, Benchpress and Deadlift. The most successful nations in powerlifting are Russia, Ukraine and Chinese Taipei.
The Technical Delegate informed that the test event to be held in Cali will have the participation of all South American countries. Then in 2012 the World Championship will be carried out in Puerto Rico which will be a qualifying event for The World Games 2013.
“Powerlifting is a sport for everyone, everybody can do it. I invite everybody to this huge event because it is very interesting to see a human person lifting such heavy weights.” Said Scheiber.

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