jueves, 23 de febrero de 2012

CIA invests in French geek


Crédit Agricole CIB, Corporate and Investment Banking ...

A financial institution You are an insurer, a bank, an asset manager, a public institution, Crédit Agricole CIB advises you to find innovative investment solutions ...

  • The Geek Agreement

    All documents submitted in preparation of the investment decision and this Geek Agreement are correct, complete and not misleading. Representations Let's maintain trust Our ...

  • wiseGEEK: clear answers for common questions

    Finance and Investing. Answers to your questions about personal finance and investing. Fashion, Clothing and Accessories. Fashion, clothing and accessories from the runway to ...

  • Jill Tummler Singer of the CIA Speaks on "Cloud Safety" : +1 ...

    ... this morning and I thought "+1" (I guess I am a geek if ... In French, the words for "safety" and "security" are also ... Kaistar Lighting Invests $25 Million in Bridgelux

  • Search Geek - Recommended Internet Search Engine

    Why use one search engine, when you can have Search Geek ... CIA Factbook More Maps ... Marketing, Invest, Financial Services, Accounting, Law

  • Wired blog pwns the CIA's website Last Minute Geek

    ... blogged about Wired Threat Level blog pranking the CIA ... Julie's Gear Diary - New online geek comic just launched ... Facebook will be in Spanish, French, German by March

  • 98 CIA Acronym/Abbreviation Meanings - What Does CIA Stand For?

    Canadian Institute of Actuaries Caravan Industry Australia ... Search for "CIA" with Acronym Geek Amazon Bing Google ... Finance and Investing Internet Slang and SMS ...

  • CIA - The Central Intelligence Agency - Information Is The ...

    ... the Montauk Project, the Tavistock Institute and Mass... - Will The U.S. Attack Iran Before September 21 - 2007? - Are CIA Front Comp. Investing $ ...

  • Former French presidential hopeful Strauss-Kahn questioned in ...

    ... chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn was being held for questioning Tuesday by French ... Pakistan fires 17 health workers for allegedly helping doctor with fake CIA ...

  • Mexico Economy 2011, CIA World Factbook - ITA - Information ...

    Investment (gross fixed): 21.1% of GDP (2009 est.) country comparison to the ... re-published from the 2011 World Fact Book of the United States Central Intelligence Agency.

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