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Occupy Wall Street-News Analysis-09-25-2011


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More than one week has passed since protesters have camped out near Wall Street in New York; the place protesters have renamed Liberty Square.

"Occupy Wall Street" protesters identify themselves as the 99 percent that no longer tolerate the greed, corruption and the injustices of the one percent.

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  • Where are the leaders? get out of here NWO shill, you don't need a leader to have a point. Lead yourselves!

  • @thumminxy because the definition of fascism is when the corporate sector and govt merge... And that is the state of affairs in the US...

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  • all of the protests were planned but it Looks in any case like Mark Genovese, Frank Genovese, Ed Walker Bush, Debbie Bush, and over 400 Bush family members operating illegally state to state the local bank and all state, federal pay accounts, and as court illegally, with only chemicals, toxins, and child porn murders at all places, Health Human Services, EPA, 50,000 tons of weapons and toxins out of HHS Nemours by Genovese Bushes healthcare, are going to jail.

  • What a pretentious rag head!

  • barbara streisand is a leftie?!?

  • LOL there was no big Nazi movement during FDR, Socialist movement yes, but no Nazi movement. There were tho a handful wealthy plutocrats that plotted a coup-de'tat that wanted to "bring fascism to America" and overthrow FDR. It wasn't a mass movement tho, it was a conspiracy tho.. Smedley Butler look him up. Anna Miller was a great guest, love the quote at the end "None are more hopelessly enslaved, than those who falsely believe they are free" ~ Wolfgang Von Goethe

  • We are the leaders! We are the people!!

  • @Mars2O84 yea that's embarrassing isn't it?....


  • occupy wall street is only part of phase one of THE PLAN. wait for phase two and three. EXPECT US!!!

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