jueves, 10 de mayo de 2012

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América soccer

Last night, I went to the América-Dépor soccer match at the stadium nearby my house. I went with the handyman that works for my landlady. We sat in the north stands. People got excited, but not crazy. The south stands, clear across the field, had the crazed fans. They bring banners and stand for the match, chanting and singing various things. This photo is of people near me after América scored their second goal. The Cali team ended up winning 4-0. It was a pretty exciting soccer match. Someday, I’d like to sit in the south stands and get some photos of the fans there. I wore my red América team shirt and fit right in with the fans. The tickets for us were only 8,000 pesos each. About $4. We got there about a half hour before game time.

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