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Welcome to Imperial Seed

Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Imperial Seed (1979) Ltd is primarily focused on seed multiplication of forage and turf species. We operate an accredited seed processing facility and work with Western Canadian farmers to ensure quality seed for domestic and international markets.

Please feel free to explore our website to learn more about Imperial Seed and the services we provide.

]'>Yellow Flowers September 2011

]'>Grass September 2011


Seed Production Opportunities

At Imperial Seed we contract seed production of Alfalfa, Timothy, Tall Fescue, Meadow Fescue and Perennial Ryegrass. We offer agronomic support and competetive pricing on seed production in Western Canada.

Give Nathan, Karl or Kurt a call to discuss opportunities that would have a fit in your farming operation.

Imperial Seed (1979) Ltd. 1038 Arlington Street Winnipeg, MB Canada R3E 2G1 Phone 204-786-8457 Fax 204-786-6004


Welcome to Spring Semester 2013

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